Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day

So now it's that time of the year again!
That time when you can either spend time with people you like, like your boy/girlfriend, husband/wife, parents or kids.
Or maybe you complain about being forever alone.

Anyway, I'd just like to say happy Valentines to everyone. 

((Have a heart shaped Victorian mask!)) 

And yes, by the way, the first vlog will hopefully be uploaded by the end of this week or the beginning of the next, since my computer doesn't want to read the file. I'm going to upload the video ASAP, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Since I am too tired to function...

I'm sitting in school (the only person in my class actually. Where is everyone?) and haven't hade time to update for some time now.
So, have some awsome Valentines pics of Mister B And The Pillows until later today!

Yes, there will be a Valentines post...

Monday, February 4, 2013

Easily Steam It Up; Interior

When you hear the word Steampunk, you think mostly about clothing and literature, but I'd like to take a moment and talk about how much interior design can add to a Steampunk-y feeling. 

Visible pipes, leather furniture, dark wooden tables and chairs, ship parts; the possibilities are endless!
Picture: My two Victorian bicycle pillows and Mister B.

It's actually easier than you could think, to Steam up your room, house or apartment.

Remember; these are just advices and guidelines - the most important thing is that YOU add YOUR OWN style to it!
  • Richly colored drapes and carpets, such as deep red ones, are famous for adding a Oriental adventurous feeling to pretty much any room.
    Id you want it more Victorian like, you can go for romantic, old style Victorian colors as baby blue matched with yellow, or white lace drapes with tassels.
  • Lanterns in metal and/or glass fits in any Steampunk interior, and feels both classy, adventurous, urban and oriental. It's very easy to come by such lanterns (at least if you live in Sweden), and they look just as gorgeous hanging from the sealing as they do standing in a bookshelf or at a tabletop.
  • Wooden furniture, of course. I don't think I even need to explain it any further, right? Both dark wood and light wood works perfectly well, and it's just perfect if it's got old handles and   in metal
  • Boxes, Chests and barrels. They're both decorative, and you can store items in them. Jewelry and fabric and, of course, the maps you need for the next treasure hunt... When we're on that track anyway, you should really stack those treasure chests you found last week in the treasure room...
    (if you've got a huge steampunk-ish box, and live at home, you can keep items such as porcelain, cups, drinking glasses etc. in it you are saving on until you've got a home of your
  • Visible pipes. Old houses and apartments sometimes have heat pipes on the outside of the walls instead of inside them, and if you've got such a home; congratulations! You've got some real potential there to create an airship, submarine, water bound ship, a scientists lair or an inventors workshop out of that/those room/rooms! 
    If you've considered trying to cover them up with paint - do. not. do. it! Take the pipes as they are or, if you want to (or if they need it) shine them up and make them noticeable. Make them an accessory of your home. It's old, it's got history, and it should get the honor it deserves, right?
    Also, you can always use the pipes as hangers for coats, neckties, jewelry etc... unless they're too warm - in that case, then don't hang stuff on them. That can cause fires. So. Yeah.
  • Add maps, paintings, chandeliers, pillows, clocks! 

And that's all for today folks!
If you've got your own interior advice, make a comment below, and I'll put them in a post of their own. 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Magazines Galore

My grandparents came over for a visit while I was tinkering with this blog and reading WoD: Mekhet (Roleplay book), and gave me a bunch of magazines they'd read and winstead of throwing them away they gave them to me!
Vintage magazines (one of them actually contained Steampunk Jewelry!), my Mekhet book and a history magazine! 

Accessorys I've made so far

Clockwork Angel Necklace
Took me approx. 2 hours to make and a pair to Clockwork Brooch.

Clockwork Brooch
(As a pair to my Angel necklace)
Wow, was this a pain to make or what?
It actually took me over one 1/2 hour to make, and about half of the time
went to glue the  arm to it
(but that little traitor kept trying to get stuck on my hands. It was painful)

Cog Earrings
The first piece I ever made, and some of my favorite pieces.
I am aware that Steampunk doesn't always involve cogs and gears etc., but I like that as a detail so...

Locked Necklace
The first necklace I made, and that's why the quality of it isn't as good as my later items,
but I really like it as a casual every-day accessory

Skull earrings - a Christmas gift to my two sisters!

Not very "Steampunk", but I wanted to show them anyway.

Until next time!

Welcome to Steampunk Beaver!

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