Friday, February 1, 2013

Accessorys I've made so far

Clockwork Angel Necklace
Took me approx. 2 hours to make and a pair to Clockwork Brooch.

Clockwork Brooch
(As a pair to my Angel necklace)
Wow, was this a pain to make or what?
It actually took me over one 1/2 hour to make, and about half of the time
went to glue the  arm to it
(but that little traitor kept trying to get stuck on my hands. It was painful)

Cog Earrings
The first piece I ever made, and some of my favorite pieces.
I am aware that Steampunk doesn't always involve cogs and gears etc., but I like that as a detail so...

Locked Necklace
The first necklace I made, and that's why the quality of it isn't as good as my later items,
but I really like it as a casual every-day accessory

Skull earrings - a Christmas gift to my two sisters!

Not very "Steampunk", but I wanted to show them anyway.

Until next time!